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Air New Zealand


TEAL - Tasman Empire Airways Limited

The airline was founded in April 1940 as TEAL - Tasman Empire Airways Limited.  Early service was provide by flying boats.  In 1953 the airline became jointly owned by the New Zealand and Australian government.  New Zealand assumed full ownership in April of 1961.  In 1965 TEAL was renamed Air New Zealand.


Lord of the Rings ticket jacket from the 2000 movie hit - The Return of the King

Publication date: 2000
Back and Front

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed in New Zealand.  The lush landscapes provided the perfect background for the "Middle-earth' portrayed in the movie.  Air New Zealand also painted an aircraft in the Lord of the Rings livery.

Air New Zealand
Publication date: 2000


Note:  Lord of the Rings is the registered trademake of New Line Cinema

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