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Welcome to Mark's Airline Ticket Jackets

With the ever increasing use of the electronic ticket the ticket jacket has started to disappear from use. Many airlines have ceased their use with more to follow.

Our goal is to preserve the ticket jacket through information and scans of known ticket jackets on this site.

Ticket jackets will be listed two ways. By Country of Origin and Alphabetically.

How can I Help? Glad you asked.

You can send scans of ticket jackets (and their content, if available) for addition to the site or, If you wish, mail us your excess ticket jackets and they will be scanned and added to the site and the collection.

All contributors will be given credit for sending material to be added to the site.

Those that wish to remain anonymous will remain so.  


Air Carriers and Manufacturers of Ticket Jackets

Air Carriers and Manufacturers of Ticket Jackets that wish to send us ticket jackets will be given a link to their webpage for visitors of this site to follow.

Each individual ticket jacket that is donated will have a link provided to your site.  Current and outdated ticket jackets are equally sought.


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