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 American Flyers Airline  - AFA

1949 - 1971

The airline was formed in 1949 by Reed Pigman as a charter service.  The airline was certified as a United States supplemental air carrier.  The General Office was in Fort Worth, Texas and the Operations Office in Ardmore, Oklahoma.    Flew trans-Atlantic flights to the United Kingdom and other European destinations.  Charter service was also provided to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States.  In 1971 AFA merged with Universal Airlines and the name AFA was discontinued.  Universal would cease operations in late April of 1972.


American Flyers Airline
Ca. 1967/68
Back and Front

Silhouettes of the Lockheed L-188 Electra and the Boeing 727-100C grace the front of the  ticket jacket.


American Flyers Airlines
Ca. 1967/68


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