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Enterprise Airlines


The airline was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in May of 1988.  The three founders were; Patrick Sowers, Robert Tranter and Ron Williams.  The company would provide scheduled regional jet service using Cessna Citation II aircraft.  At their peak over 50 daily flights to 14 cities were provided.  Increased fuel costs forced the airline to cease operations.


Enterprise Airlines
ca Oct 1988


Enterprise Airlines
ca. Oct 1988


Enterprise Airlines
October 17, 1988 timetable


Enterprise Airlines
October 17, 1988 timetable, the first page of the schedule

Cities Served
Baltimore, Maryland  
Cincinnati, Ohio  
Columbus, Ohio  
Dayton, Ohio  
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
Green Bay, Wisconsin  
Greenville, South Carolina  
Spartanburg, South Carolinia  
Greensboro, North Carolinia  
High Point, North Carolinia  
Winston Salem, North Carolinia  

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