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Wright Airlines

Cleveland, Ohio

1966 - 1984

ICAO: WRT  CallSign: Wright Air

1966 - Wright Airlines was founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Gerald Weller.  He was also the first president of the airline.

1968 - Tyme Airlines of Columbus, Ohio and Air Commuter Airlines of Cleveland, Ohio merge with Wright Airlines.  The name Wright Airlines is retained.

1983 - Aeromech Airlines of Clarksburg, West Virginia is purchased.

1984 - The airline files for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankrupcy Law.  In November 240 employees are laid off and the number of flights and destinations is greatly reduced.

1985 - In December the airline is in Chapter 7 liquidation proceedings and does not survive.


Wright Airlines
ca. 1970's

Enclosed baggage claim ticket shows destinations for Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, and Louisville.


Information from:  CaseWesternReserve University – Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. 

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